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This is not an exhaustive list of events, happening at our Temple. Current information can be found in our Calendar, and a monthly update is also available in the Guiding Light newsletter, which is distributed to the members or can be found on the website. 




The premise of the “Let’s Talk Dharma” discussion group is to have a forum where people, long-standing members as well as newcomers to the temple, may ask questions and hold interactive discussions.
LTD has been running for four years and the numbers vary widely, from as few as three participants to up to 30 people, split into two groups – it all depends on the interest of the participants and their time availability.
This is the way the original Buddha, Sakyamuni, propagated the Dharma – by sharing and becoming involved with fellow seekers, one at a time.
We are following in his footsteps, as well as those of Rennyo Shonin, the Eighth Lord Abbot or Gomonshu, who popularized Jodo Shinshu in Japan by holding small gatherings in homes to discuss the Dharma.
Dennis is the lead facilitator but the discussions are participant-led. Sessions are sometimes based on suggested readings but mostly on participants’ questions.


When: Last Sunday of each month @ 12:30 pm (From January to April)
Where: TBC, Mezzanine level (2nd Floor)

Hanamatsuri Family Banquet

Join us at our annual event filled with entertainment, bingo and prizes your entire family will enjoy. Feast on our famous Roast Beef* dinner with your family and friends.

When: Saturday April 16 @ 5:00pm Toronto Buddhist Church
Where: Toronto Buddhist Temple

Donations for Door Prizes are appreciated

Adults – $12 Youth – $6 (13 to 17)

Kids Sangha (under 12) – Free

Tickets available from Sangha members or TBC office

*Vegetarian or any other dietary needs are available upon request

Kids Sangha Program

Sunday April 3rd, 2016

Meditation & Mindfulness with Ray Nakano – 11:00 am – 12:00 pm (classroom)

image courtesy of Childrens meditation Iowa Davenport

According to…
‘Meditation helps children in a variety of ways. It helps reduce stress, strengthens the immune system, can improve relationships at home & at school , decreases aggressiveness and anxieties, improves behavior and attitude, improves focus, memory & concentration and promotes inner peace.’

During this workshop Ray will teach both sitting and walking meditation and will end with a demonstration of mindful eating!

It will be a relaxing and calming experience so come out and find your inner peace.

Parents are welcome to join in.

Image Courtesy of Childrens Meditation Iowa Davenport

Sunday April 17th, 2016

Flower Arranging with LiLi Yoshida

image courtesy of Santa Monica International School


On April 17th LiLi will be leading a workshop on flower arranging. This activity is good for kids 5+. For kids under 5 years of age we will have other craft activities available for them.
This is a perfect time to make your own flower arrangement in celebration of Hanamatsuri (flower festival).

In order to purchase the supplies needed for this activity we are asking parents to RSVP by responding back to me via email. Please let me know by Monday April 4th if you plan to attend. Thank You!

Image courtesy of Santa Monica international School

Denise Crofton
Program Director Kids Sangha

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