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At Toronto Buddhist Church we welcome all families!

Our vision is to bring together young children of all ethnic backgrounds and help them learn and experience the Buddha Dharma in a way that is relevant to their everyday lives.

Our Kids Sangha program is run in a safe and fun environment by a team of volunteers who are passionate about teaching children. Our hope is that children aged 4 to 13 years of age will build new friendships, have fun and feel good about the time spent at the Temple as they participate in activity-based programs geared towards this age group.

Kids Sangha meets every 1st and 3rd Sunday of the Month – please refer to our calendar for the exact dates.

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Kids Service – 10:30 am – 11:00 am in the Hondo.
Kids Activities – 11:00 am – 12:00 pm downstairs in the classrooms.

We encourage parents to join in on our Kids Service at 10:30 AM, then stay and enjoy the regular service while the children participate in the activity from 11:00 am to 12:00 pm.

After service, children and their parents are invited to enjoy some refreshments with family and friends before heading home.

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Kids Sangha Activities

Mindful Meditation & Making  Mandalas

Mindful Meditation & Making Mandalas

March 5, 2017

Last year we started our first mindful sitting, walking and eating meditation for kids. On this day we will mediate at the beginning of class (walking and eating meditation) and then the kids will have a chance to make their own artful Mandalas.

Image courtesy of The Artful Parent.

Games:  Buddhist Word Puzzles, Charades & Bingo

Games: Buddhist Word Puzzles, Charades & Bingo

March 19, 2017

On March 19th we will be observing our Spring HIgan or Ohigan Service. ‘Higan’ literally means ‘The Other Shore.’ On this day we reflect on how we are practicing the Buddhist teachings, leading us to the ‘Other Shore’ of enlightenment.

After the service a special luncheon will be held for our members who will reach 77 years, 88 years and 99 years or older durimg this calendar year. A bento lunch will be served for $10 followed by an entertainment programme.

A complimentary pizza lunch will be provided for the kids.

Image courtesy of Outset Media

Kids Cooking Workshop

Kids Cooking Workshop

April 2, 2017

Join us for an hour of fun in the kitchen as the kids learn to make easy lunch and snack recipes.

Lunch will be served to the Kids Sangha parents after service in the classroom.

image courtesy of

Nature Walk / Outdoor Scavenger Hunt

Nature Walk / Outdoor Scavenger Hunt

April 16, 2017

What is good way to welcome Spring and inspire a love and appreciation for the natural world? Go on a Nature Walk!

We will explore the park and neighborhood around the Temple looking for signs of the warm weather to come. Our walk will end back at Temple with a cup of hot chocolate.

Image courtesy of Nifty Mom

Interested In Volunteering?

We are always looking for volunteers who are passionate about teaching young children. We currently have opportunities open in our classroom [or daycare]. If you are interested, please contact Denise Crofton at

Please note: Volunteers must pass a background check and agree to TBC’s policies and procedures as it relates to childcare.