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Whether you are new to Toronto Buddhist church or returning after a period of time, we are always happy to see you!

Due to the Covid-19 pandemic we had to make changes to our daily operations.  If you are new to our Temple and would like more information please email or call our office.

For information on our Services and Temple protocol under Covid-19 conditions, please see our Calendar page or the Welcome section on our homepage.

Join us for Service Every Sunday (please visit our calendar section for an update on our Services due to Covid-19)

11:00 a.m. – 12:00 p.m

At this time our Kids Service is temporarily on hold.

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We know it can be intimidating when you enter a new Church so our goal is to make it as easy as possible. Toronto Buddhist Church is a place where you can meet new people, join groups of interest, listen to the Dharma or just enjoy the peaceful surroundings of the Temple.

Every Sunday morning, we offer service in the Hondo and then serve light refreshments in the Social Hall where you can meet new friends and share your experiences.

We take pride in our Temple and would love to share it with you!


If you are new, and would like to have someone meet you and show you around, please fill in the form below.  We have members available to meet with you on the first and third Sunday of each month.


At the Temple we have many organizations that may be of interest to you. Each of these groups is distinctive, so explore each one and if you are interested, we can put you in touch with someone from that group.

If joining a group is not for you then feel free to come and attend Sunday service or participate in any one of our classes and workshops.

Our Minister


Resident Minister
Reverend Yoshimichi Ouchi

Reverend Yoshimichi Ouchi was born in Oita prefecture, Japan. He grew up in a family Temple, where his Grandfather and Father were Ministers.

Reverend Yoshi’s family goes back 25 generations in the family temple. Buddhism and serving the Temple has been a life long practice for Reverend Yoshi.

Reverend Yoshi studied religion, with a focus on Buddhism, at Ryukoku University in Kyoto and Shiga.
After graduating from Ryukoku University, Rev. Yoshi went to ChuoBukkyo Gakuin School, part of Nishi Hongwanji-temple, to study the Teaching of the Buddha and Shinran-Shonin who was the founder of our sect in Kyoto.

Between February 27th, 2011 and May 2nd, 2016 Reverend Yoshi completed three levels of ordination: Tokudo, Kyoshi and Tokubetu Homuin Shikaku.
During this time he also volunteered at a temple in Osaka and took on the duties of a Minister for two years.

After receiving his ordinations, Reverend Yoshi spent a year at Gonshiki Shidousho where he trained to chant and studied important Buddhist rituals.

On April 15th, 2016 Reverend Yoshi was assigned to the Toronto Buddhist Church.