Youth & Young Adults

Youth & Young Adults


Throughout the year we host several events and activities for our youth and young adults. These activities vary in nature and include a mix of the Buddhist teachings as well as a good dose of socializing and fun with friends.

We think it’s important for children and youth to forge strong friendships in a safe environment. We all have experienced the many pressures of everyday life so it is our goal, through this program, to provide a strong community of friendships and understanding of the Buddha Dharma where young people can feel accepted and supported throughout their lives.

“To have a place to return to”
Rev. Rikisho Kuriyama

Those who do not have a place to return to,
No matter how well and smooth life may become
Come to a deadlock and will be in piteous plight in the end.

But those who have a place to return to
No matter how difficult life may seem
Never come to a deadlock
and are able to live with great dignity in great joy.
It is because they are always connected with something eternal and infinite.

If you have any questions about the youth program please contact Les Tanaka at


Camp lumbini 2007

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