Funeral Services & Memorials

Funeral Services & Memorials


The ministers will make every effort on request to attend at bedside services (makurakyo), or simply to visit someone who is ill or unable to get around.

For more details and or to make arrangements for these services please contact the Temple Office by email at or by phone (416) 534-4302.


The loss of a family member or other loved one is one of the most emotional and difficult times in our lives. The Jodo Shinshu Ministers of our Temple and a committee of caring volunteers do their best to help alleviate the suffering and offer comfort to families.

They assist families with the planning and implementation of funeral arrangements in accordance with Jodo Shinshu Buddhist practices and customs. They will meet with a grieving family at a mutually convenient time and place to help them plan a funeral service, prepare the service program, perform the service in English and/or Japanese, all in cooperation with the funeral home retained by the family.

During this process, the presiding minister will choose and present a Homyo or Buddhist name which reflects the life of the deceased and accompanies him or her as he or she passes on to Buddhahood.

In starting to make funeral arrangement, families are cautioned not to set a date for a funeral service with the funeral home until the availability of a minister is confirmed for the desired date.

Services may be conducted at the funeral home, Temple or another location chosen by the family. If a service at the Temple is desired, the family should confirm that the Temple building will be available on the desired date.

After a funeral service, Buddhist families observe many memorial services, which may include weekly services up to the 49th day and the 100th day. While some observe these weekly memorial services, most commonly families will try to hold the seventh day and 49th day services. Thereafter, memorial services are often held on the first, second, seventh, 25th, 33rd and 50th anniversary of the date of passing.

In addition to these personal services, the Temple holds an annual Hatsubon service second Sunday in July to remember those who have passed away in the past year. Also, a monthly memorial service (shotsuki) is held on the first Sunday of each month to remember and honour those who have died in that month regardless of year. No arrangements need to be made for the Hatsubon or shotsuki service. The Temple will notify family members by mail and the families mark the dates on their calendars each year.

For more details and or to make arrangements for these services please contact the Temple Office by email at or by phone (416) 534-4302.

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