A Day of Mindful Meditation with Ray Nakano

A Day of Mindful Meditation with Ray Nakano

Posted on: July 15, 2017


10:00 AM TO 3:00 PM

All are welcome to join us for a day of Mindful Meditation…no experience is necessary.

Here is an outline of what the day will look like:

Silent Sitting Meditation

Walking Meditation (if weather permits we may go outside to the park behind the temple)

Guided Sitting Meditation

Yin Yoga

Pot Luck Vegetarian Lunch

Deep Relaxation

Dharma Reading

Sangha Sharing

Pot Luck Lunch

We ask that everyone bring one vegetarian dish to share with the group (drinks provided). Please bring a dish that is fully prepared and ready to serve…although we have cooking facilities on site we do not have anyone available to make last minute preparations or to warm up the dish prior to lunch. Thank You.

The retreat will take place at the Toronto Buddhist Temple (Sheppard and Allen Rd).

There is no set cost for the day, some people like to give the Temple a donation of their choice, it’s completely up to you.

We have meditation cushions and chairs available, but are asking people to bring a mat (yoga mat) and blanket and or pillow for the Body Scanning Meditation as this is done lying on the floor for a period of time. The bell master will guide you through this meditation.

Wear comfortable clothing and shoes (if we walk outside) and bring a pair of socks as we ask everyone to remove their shoes at the door.

We ask that people come 10 minutes early to get settled and introduce your self.

If you have any questions please send an email to Denise Crofton at dcrofton@rogers.com.

Looking forward to seeing you!

Image Courtesy of www.createharmony.co.uk