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Volunteer Opportunities

Our temple’s operation is sustained by its volunteers. As we continue to slowly open up we need the help of people such as yourself. All too often much of the load of operating the temple year in and year out has rested on the shoulders of a relative few. However, a small contribution of your time – even if it’s once per month or even a few times per year – can make a big difference.
Thank you for your consideration and support!

Some of the areas where you can make a difference include:

  • Services: Set up, greeters, ushers, after service tea/refreshments and clean up
  • Funerals & Memorials: Set up clean up, greeters, ushers and food service
  • Technology: Website & technology, audio-visual assistance
  • Events: Assist at specific events (food preparation, set up, clean up, etc.)
  • Maintenance: Minor temple repairs & maintenance including woodwork/carpentry
  • Temple Grounds: Lawn maintenance and gardening
  • Obuppan: Rice offering – bring rice and form it in the rice vessel – monthly rotation
  • Altar Flower Arranging: One month rotation