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Governance & Management

The heart of the Temple is its members.

TBC members elect the Directors and the President and vote on all important matters affecting the Temple at its Annual General Meeting.

An individual can become a member by applying online or by obtaining and completing the application forms available at the Temple Office and paying an annual fee of $145. Senior members over the age of 77 years will become honorary members for life upon joining. They do not have to pay an annual fee, although our senior members have traditionally been the Temple’s most generous supporters.

We believe the real value of membership is not to be found in its tangible benefits but rather in its commitment to a life of Jōdo Shinshu Teachings and the fellowship of the Sangha with all of the members and friends of the Temple.

Board of Directors

The non-ministerial affairs of the Temple are managed and supervised by the Board of Directors.

There are currently six directors, including the President. They are all volunteers and are elected for two-year staggered terms. Each director is responsible for overseeing one or more of the many Temple portfolios, including Religious, Finance, Administration, Membership, Maintenance, Welfare, Special Projects, Community and Outreach, Youth and Kids Sangha departments. Each director brings various knowledge and skills to the Temple, including finance, business, technical, industrial and counselling expertise. The Board meets on the fourth Sunday after morning service, with meetings approximately an hour in length.

In addition to their management and supervisory responsibilities, our directors are often among the first to roll up their sleeves to get any job done.

Management Committee

Working hand-in-hand with the directors responsible for the various portfolios are volunteers who are co-chairs of the Temple’s working committees. Co-chairs of committees and other volunteers sit on the Management Committee, which meets monthly prior to each Board meeting. Every effort is made to make these meetings as short and productive as possible. Committees represented on the Management Committee include (but are not limited to) the following:

Religious and Education Committee – This Committee is vital to the religious life of the Temple. The responsibility of the Religious Committee is to assist and support the Ministers in every aspect of their religious leadership of the Temple. They assist in services, education programs, funerals, weddings, and ministerial activities at and away from the Temple.

Kids Sangha – Under its Management Committee Co-Chair and with the guidance of the Ministers, this Committee creates and conducts religious, educational and recreational programs for young children. They conduct their kids’ programs on the first and third Sundays of each month, starting with a special service for them at 10:15 in the morning, followed by an entertaining / educational activity. They also host a Kids Sangha one-day camp at the end of July at the Temple’s Camp Lumbini in Wasaga Beach, where the children can enjoy a day filled with Buddhist-themed education, activities and play at the fantastic, quiet beach just steps away from the Camp.
Youth Group – This Committee liaises with the youth and young adults of the Temple and encourages their study of the Dharma and participation in Temple activities. They are also encouraged to form their own Temple-related organization to engage in social and recreational activities with the support of the Temple.

Maintenance and Building Operations – With the Temple building coming up to its 20th anniversary in 2025, maintenance and repair of our wonderful Temple has become a front-burner issue. Our Maintenance and Building Operations Committee looks after all day-to-day maintenance issues, as well as planning for future building needs.

Welfare – The Welfare Committee attends to the welfare and social programs of the Temple. Members of this Committee will visit those of our members who are ill or hospitalized, or who are unable to come to the Temple. They will also assist in visits to Momiji, Castleview and Yee Hong seniors’ homes.

Special Projects – This Committee organizes and executes all of the major events of the Temple as well as important functions which arise unexpectedly. They organize major events such as the annual Keirokai to honour our seniors, the fall Bazaar, the annual picnic and numerous other scheduled and unscheduled activities.

Guiding Light and Website – These are the Temple’s major media resources for communication with our members and friends.

The Toronto Buddhist Church always welcomes individuals who are interested in pursuing the study of Jodo Shinshu Buddhism, as well as those who would like to contribute to the Temple as volunteers to serve on the Board of Directors or the Management Committee. Anyone interested in the Temple’s religious programs and/or in becoming involved in the management of the Temple is invited to contact the Temple.