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The Temple welcomes membership applications from individuals who subscribe to our belief in Jodo Shinshu Buddhist teachings and embrace our Sangha. We want our members to have a stake in the future of the Temple.

All members will have the right to vote at the Annual General Meeting and other meetings of members.

We also want our members to enjoy their membership in other ways too.

Temple members and their families are entitled to rent the cabins at Camp Lumbini in Wasaga Beach during the summer months.

Some of our Temple members have already taken advantage of free notarial services offered by a Temple member to fellow members.

Members will continue to receive their Guiding Light by mail free of charge (due to escalating costs the Temple will have to charge a fee to non-members who wish to receive the newsletter).

We offer two types of memberships

Regular memberships for adults under the age of 77 years are valid from January 1 to December 31 each year, so those wishing to be a Temple member must complete the application form as early as possible at the start of each year. Late memberships will create a number of administrative, financial and operational issues for the Temple. Once we receive and process your signed application and membership fee (currently a minimum $155 per year) or your promise to pay the fee before May 31, your membership card will be sent to you.

Honorary Memberships will be issued to all members 77 years of age and over. An Honorary Membership will remain valid as long as the member indicates that he or she wishes to continue the Honorary Membership each year. Honorary Members do not need to pay annual membership fees, although all donations are very much appreciated.

Please renew your membership – whether regular or honourary – every year by submitting a membership form.

Membership Fees vs. Donations

We also point out the distinction between membership fees and donations. Donations made in Offering envelopes used at services (such as “konshi” or “in memoriam” or special occasion donations) will be received as donations and not as membership fees. Any cash payments on account of membership fees should be inserted in a separate envelope clearly and specifically marked “Membership”. You may use your own envelope, or if you wish, the Temple has envelopes available marked “Membership” in the Hondo. If the membership payment is made by cheque, the cheque should be marked “Membership”.

If you wish to make a donation and would like to do it online please go to our donate page or click on this link.

Application Form

All members (Regular or Honorary) must fill in the on-line form below and submit it to the Temple. If you are a Regular Member please hit the Submit button below, you will then be directed to our secure on-line payment system (PayPal) for payment by credit card.

If you are an Honorary Member please fill in the same on-line form below and click the submit button and your application form will be submitted to the office. If you are an Honorary Member but still wish to make a donation please submit as a Regular Member.

I promise to pay the above fee as my membership fee for 2024. I will pay the balance of my Fee, if any, by May 31, 2024. By submitting this Application I hereby adopt the vow below.

Please note that this application is for membership from January 1, 2024 to December 31, 2024. The individual Membership Fee for 2024 is a minimum of $155. However, the Temple welcomes and will be grateful for any amount over and above this minimum fee.

A tax receipt will be issued for the total Membership amount paid.

Please note that $100 of your Membership Fee is paid to Jodo Shinshu Buddhist Temple of Canada (JSBTC) as an assessment based on the number of members of our Temple.

Membership Fees may be paid in one lump sum or in installments, providing the total membership fees are paid by May 31st.

As a member of Toronto Buddhist Church, I:

  • Recognize and accept that our Temple is based on the Jodo Shinshu Pure Land Teachings;
  • Vow to strive to live a life of gratitude and to do my best to care for the welfare of society; and
  • Vow to observe and uphold the Charter and By-laws of the Temple.

You don’t want to submit on-line?

If you don’t wish to submit or pay for your Membership on-line, you can download and print the application form below, fill it in and mail it along with your cheque to the Temple.

Please make sure your cheque is payable to “Toronto Buddhist Church” and mail it to the address below:

Toronto Buddhist Church
1011 Sheppard Avenue West
Toronto, ON M3H 2T7

If you don’t have a printer or are unable to download the application form, please call us at (416) 534-4302 and we will be happy to help you.

Toronto Buddhist Church invites you to join us and share the Dharma and Sangha.
We appreciate the support of all our Members and will continue to work hard to provide a community and environment that encourages and fosters the growth of Jodo Shinshu Buddhism.