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Additional Resources

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March 2021

Jodo Shinshu Websites:


  • River of Fire, River of Water: An Introduction to the Pure Land Tradition of Shin Buddhism, by Taitetsu Unno (Doubleday, 1998)
  • Shin Buddhism: Bits of Rubble Turn into Gold, by Taitetsu Unno (Doubleday, 2002)
  • Ocean: An Introduction to Jodo-Shinshu Buddhism in America, by Kenneth Tanaka (WisdomOcean Publications, 1997)
  • Heart of the Shin Buddhist Path: A Life of Awakening, by Takamaro Shigaraki (Wisdom Publications, 2013)
  • Buddhism of the Heart: Reflections on Shin Buddhism and Inner Togetherness, by Jeff Wilson (Wisdom Publications, 2009)