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Awakening to the Climate Crisis: A Buddhist Perspective

The United Nations says that we are on track for a “hellish” 3C degrees of global heating. Climate scientists around the world have been warning us for years. Hurricanes on the east coast. Heat waves on the west coast. Drought in the prairies. The wildfires experienced across Canada this past summer are the worst on record: bigger, more intense, and more numerous. We are experiencing what will be our hottest year ever. And it’s going to get worse. There is no “new normal.” It will get hotter, drier, wetter … all because we are in a climate crisis. And that’s with only a 1.2C degree temperature increase. So far.

Our children and grandchildren will be choking on increasing carbon pollution and wildfire smoke, or worse — unless we wake up and take action.

If you are concerned about our climate crisis and want to know what you can do about it, please attend this in-person session, taking place on Sunday, January 7th at 12:45 pm at the Toronto Buddhist Church located at 1011 Sheppard Ave. West, Toronto.

Come out and learn what you can do about our Climate Crisis.