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Camp Lumbini – July 30th – Aug 5th

Camp Lumbini is once again fast approaching – join us for a whole week of fun and Buddhist related activities. Every year Camp Lumbini revolves around two themes: one associated with Buddhist teachings and another based on popular culture. This year the themes will be “Amida Buddha’s Acceptance of Oneself. The Noble Eightfold Path is a principal teaching in Buddhism that is represented by the dharma wheel, whose eight spokes represent the eight paths. The Noble Eightfold Path is used to understand the nature of life and phenomena in order to achieve enlightenment. At Camp Lumbini the staff will strive to teach the attending youth about the Noble Eightfold Path and how it may apply to daily activities performed during the week.

Daily activities at Camp Lumbini include trips to the beach, various arts and crafts, fun team building activities and daily evening activities including, mini golf, campfires, movie night and bowling. Additionally, the day trip will either be a canoe/kayak trip with Free Spirit Tours or Tree Top Trekking at Horseshoe Valley Resort depending on age and size of participants. Every year it is our goal to provide a safe environment that fosters leadership and teamwork development, acceptance of individual differences and values and provide an opportunity for all individuals to participate in recreational activities regardless of individual skill in addition to imparting some understanding of Buddhist teachings.

For more information regarding Camp Lumbini please contact Stephen Taguchi or Rachel Kataoka at and respectively.

Hope to see you this summer.