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Eastern Buddhist League Conference 2018

We are delighted to invite you to attend the 2018 Eastern Buddhist League Conference hosted by the Toronto Buddhist Church, in Toronto Canada. This conference is a local event open to all North American participants.

The conference will take place from Friday August 31st to Sunday September 2nd 2018.

Our theme for the conference is Pursuit of True Happiness…The Shin Buddhist Path.

Happiness matters. Research has revealed that people who are happy enjoy life more, are more resilient, have better relationships and are physically healthier. In Buddhism, happiness is discussed on many levels, but it always starts with the self. Our goal for this upcoming conference is to provide participants with a better understanding of what happiness means and how they can achieve happiness in their daily, and often stressful, lives.

Our keynote speakers are Rev. Grant Ikuta and Dr. Jeff Wilson. Both Ministers are well known among Jodo Shinshu followers, so we are extremely grateful to have them as our keynote speakers.

Visit the EBL Conference page for more details and to register for the conference.