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Eastern Buddhist League Conference – Sept. 2018

I would like to report on the Eastern Buddhist League Conference hosted by our Temple, Aug 31 to September 2, 2018. This year’s theme was “Pursuit of Happiness…The Shin Buddhist Path”. Let’s start with a few comments emailed to our Temple:

“We enjoyed a wonderful conference over the Labour Day weekend; Great speakers (Rev Ikuta, Rev Miyamura and Dr. Jeff Wilson), delicious and plentiful food, desserts and snacks, warm friendship and wonderful hospitality – couldn’t ask for more!”

“It was wonderful to meet new Sangha members and have great discussions”.

“I found the TED talks for success stories especially interesting as I will share them with our Board members for some inspiration for our own temple.”

“Wanted to write to express appreciation and gratitude for an outstanding Conference.”

“Thank you to committee members and temple members for a fantastic conference. I had a wonderful time with warm hospitality and of course, all the great food.”

First and foremost a big thank you to the EBL planning committee for their commitment to handling each and every situation with grace, ensuring that the EBL conference ran smoothly and the entire sangha felt welcome. Thank you to this very special team: to Denise, Darlene, Donna N, Donna D, Susan, Rev Yoshi, Dawn and Michael who worked tirelessly and to advisors Larry and Amy – Together we did it!

Next, a huge THANK YOU to all the hardworking wonderful temple volunteers who jumped in to help when ever asked over the long week end. They baked, cooked, set up, were drivers, greeters and ambassadors welcoming delegates to our temple. Smiles were visible, laughter was heard and all was good – Happiness!

Thank you to Rev Yoshi who masterfully hosted all the visiting ministers as well as handling all the religious aspects of the meetings and services. Job well done!

To Rev Grant Ikuta and Dr. Jeff Wilson our deepest gratitude for changing your schedules at the last minute to support and help us. Thank you so much.

The closing banquet was also a success based on smiles, ooohs and aaahs over the delicious dinner prepared by Darlene, Elaine and temple volunteers. Then add manju, butter tarts, squares and a celebration cake plus $375 to the Share the Wealth prize winner. More Happiness!
The Temple Boutique table was a popular spot to pick up custom made nenju, jewellery, Asian fabric soft goods, and yummy treats and preserves. Sales here totalled an amazing $1627.00.

Thank you, Thank you, Thank you…June