Hanamatsuri Service & Family Banquet

Hanamatsuri Service & Family Banquet

Posted on: May 06, 2017

Hanamatsuri Service & Family Banquet

On Saturday April 15th, the TBC Sangha had the privilege of hosting the annual Hanamatsuri Family Banquet.

Over a hundred temple members, family and friends sat down to enjoy a delicious meal of Roast Beef, Salmon or Falafels, Hummus and Tabbouleh (that’s vegan food for those not in the know). Many thanks to our head chefs Toku Suyama, Randy Sakauye and Joanne Kataoka.  The chefs also cooked up an extra batch to contribute to the Hanamatsuri lunch the following day. Thanks also to the many
volunteers without whose help this event could not have taken place; a special shout out to CCOV Team Two members who were instrumental in helping to clean up after the event.

In the past, the event had been held as a multi-generational event for families of Japanese descent. As our Temple population continues to diversify, the event is now as much multi-cultural as it is multi-generational. Further to the multi-cultural, multi-generational theme, I was very happy to have had the opportunity to welcome Alexis and Abigail Geneau who provided us with a breath-taking demonstration of gymnastics where they literally flew through the air with the greatest of ease – feats which are more impressive considering that they are usually performed on a 4” wide beam.

The two sisters are the grand-daughters of Fred and Ann Kotani and are in the top 10 in their respective categories in Ontario. Glen Takasaki also graced the stage with his excellent renditions of James Taylor’s Carolina On My Mind and Paul Simon’s Kathy’s Song.

After the entertainment, we enjoyed fruit salad courtesy of Nobby Shiraishi, followed by Bingo and Door prizes.

Many thanks to those who so generously donated door prizes, your donations are greatly appreciated. Finally, many thanks to my good friend and business partner James Tetaka through whose resources we were able to transport a van load of Temple members from Momiji so that they would be able to enjoy the banquet.

To everyone who attended this event and especially to all those who donated and volunteered – my heartfelt personal thanks and I hope to see you all next year!

Cary Kataoka, President TBC Sangha