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Ho-Onko Dinner and Service

Ho-Onko or Founder’s Memorial is one of the most important occasions observed in the Jodo Shinshu Buddhist tradition where we observe and honour the memorial of the passing of our founder Shinran Shonin.

We celebrated this year throughout the weekend of January 20th and 21st.

On Saturday January 20th we had a lovely vegetarian potluck dinner in which everyone brought a vegetarian dish to share, followed by a special Ho-Onko Eve Service at 6:30pm and a celebratory bowl of zenzai (sweet red bean soup). There was a beautiful sunset, and the nice darkened atmosphere in the Hondo was conducive to good chanting. 

On Sunday January 21st at 11:00am we had the regular Ho-Onko or Founder’s Memorial Service. Shinran was a rebel monk in the sense that he brought the Dharma (Buddha’s Teachings) out of the monastery to the common people during a time of great political turmoil, social unrest and violence. He introduced Buddhism to everyone regardless of class or intellect as a way for all to attain peace and happiness.

Thank you for joining us in honouring our Founder and his struggle to deliver Buddha’s Teachings to all of us.