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Join our Virtual Book club!

The LDC (Living Dharma Centre) is starting a Virtual Book Club this fall. We invite interested people to read a specific book chosen every three months and sign up for email participation and discussion.


Our next book that we will be reading beginning the last week of January is: Buddhism of the Heart: Reflections on Shin Buddhism and Inner Togetherness

by Jeff Wilson, Foreword by Taitetsu Unno
“A major new voice in Western Buddhism, Wilson evokes the warmth of Robert Fulghum and the nonjudgmental spiritual struggling of Anne Lamott in this accessible, affirming work for the modern seeker

This is a very easy to read book filled with humour and thought provoking stories. Having read this book in a group setting, the stories always led to wonderful discussions that were applicable to everyday life. Although many of you may have already read it, we would encourage you to take another look at it through many different viewpoints. Anyone, at any level of understanding will enjoy.”Barb MacCarl.

Jeff Wilson is an associate professor of Religious and East Asian Studies and the Chair of the department of Culture and Languages for Renison University College, at the University of Waterloo. Jeff is also a Shin Buddhist and has attained the ‘monk’ or Tokudo level in the Jodo Shinshu tradition. Jeff is the author of many books including Dixie Dharma: Inside a Buddhist Temple in the American South and Mindful America: The Mutual Transformation of Buddhist Meditation and American Culture as well as many papers and articles.

Buddhism of the Heart is available from Wisdom Publications, Chapters-Indigo, Amazon and from some temple bookstores.

Those of you who are already in the book club will receive an email asking you if you would like to partake again. For those of you who are new to the club and would like to sign up, please send your request to: with a copy to

Together in the Dharma,

Amy Wakisaka      Brenda Ikuta                                Barb MacCarl
LDC Program        Director Dharma School            Books and Education


Discussion is through subscribed email from Barb MacCarl ( ).

Please try to respond with your thoughts by the discussion dates given and we will all benefit by reading each other’s responses. If there are specific questions to someone, about something that is written by someone, if you are comfortable about it, please “Reply to All” so (once again) we can all benefit.

Also, please remember that this is the first year of this program and if you see how it could be streamlined or improved, please let us know!

It is with a great sense of gratitude (and privilege) to be able to have this opportunity to connect, share and learn with all of our Dharma Friends. We hope that you find this an enriching experience and one that strengthens your understanding of the Dharma….that wonderful Jewel of Light.


Barb MacCarl
Living Dharma Centre