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June 24th, Guest Minister Rev. Nariaki Hayashi

Sunday June 24th at 11:00am
Please join us in welcoming our guest minister, Rev. Nariaki Hayashi from the Ekoji Buddhist Temple just outside Washington, D.C.. The Ekoji Buddhist Temple was founded in 1981 by our founding minister, Rev. Kenryu Tsuji and the BDK.

Rev. Hayashi’s biography, taken from his temple’s website explains a little about him,

“I was born in Hawaii, so I guess that makes me a Nisei; the second generation. I moved back to Japan when I was 12.
I come from a temple family with roots in Kagoshima, Japan.After my graduation of Kansai International Language University, my first job was working in the hotel business as a salesman for over 5 years. The hotel business was a wonderful job, and proved to be a challenging career. However, while working so hard to achieve good results at sales, there was always a feeling of emptiness in my personal time. The more I succeeded, the more I sacrificed, spending more and more time at work. I quickly found out that, yes, the Japanese do work too hard.
Reflecting on this experience and what I was going through, I came to realize that the teaching of Shin Buddhism gave me an opportunity to pause and consider what life is. At the same time, it helped to fill the emptiness in my heart. Thus, from this experience, I believe that the teaching will guide me, and hopefully all of you who has not still encounter to our tradition, to a greater journey and meaningful life.”

Please come out and listen to our guest minister and his interpretation of the Dharma and what it means to him. It is a great way to meet another minister of the Buddhist Churches of America Eastern District who will be participating at the Eastern Buddhist League Conference over the Labour Day Weekend in Toronto (Aug. 31 –Sep. 2).