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Keirokai 2022

It has now been two years since we cancelled our first service which happened to be Ohigan and the Keirokai celebration. Every year we look forward to celebrating and honouring our temple elders and show our gratitude during our Keirokai event.

It is hard to believe that once again we will likely be celebrating 2022 Keirokai as a virtual event.

We would like to recognize members who have reached or who will reach the age of 77(Kiju), 88 (Beiju), 99 (Hakuju) years, and 100 (Kakuju) years and older in 2022. While we most likely cannot celebrate in person, we would like to feature our honourees during our Ohigan Service on March 20, 2022 at 11:00 am via Zoom. Please fill out the form below or send the information via email to with the subject line “Keirokai” by March 6, 2022. Please include a picture of yourself that we can show during the service.

Remember to fill out your honorary membership form!