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Mochi Tsuki 2019

Please join us on Saturday December 28th at 8.30am for our annual TBC Sangha Mochi Tsuki – all volunteers are welcome!

It has been a Toronto Buddhist Church tradition for many years to gather at our Temple just before New Year’s with our families and friends and make Mochi. To those of you who have generously volunteered your time in the past, I hope you will be able to assist us again. For those of you who have not previously attended Mochi Tsuki, I invite you to take part and hope that you will consider making this event a part of your annual calendar of events.

On Friday December 27th from 4:30pm volunteer assistance is required to set up equipment and wash rice which will be soaked overnight. We will take a break for dinner then finish up our preparations for the following day. We will also need assistance to prepare lunch which will be served to volunteers to the following day (a vegan option for lunch is always available).

Early Saturday December 28th, rice will be steamed. We ask that volunteers arrive at 8:30am to form, cool and pack the mochi.

All volunteers receive one free bag of a dozen komochi (half dozen for children).

Last day for mochi orders: Friday, December 20th

Pick up orders: Saturday December 28th after 1pm

In Gassho, Cary Kataoka. President, TBC Sangha Group