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Obon 2016

Services at the many cemeteries ran smoothly for the most part. The wind was a force to reckon with and that brought about the suggestion for tape or twine to secure the scrolls at the cemeteries.

Calls went out for additional help with the floral assembly and we were not disappointed in the numbers of smiling ladies who came out on the Friday before our cemetery visitations. Some of these ladies were family outside of the temple community and for their help, we send thanks.

It was and is always a pleasure to see Reverent Grant Ikuta who was our guest speaker. He was happy to re- acquaint and chat with so many familiar faces and to spend some time with others. It was wonderful to hear him share the Dharma at the three services. He is always a welcome visitor to TBC.

Our two Senseis were very helpful and are always willing to do a little extra such as preparing the essential supplies needed for their central services and set up. Arigato Senseis.

The Obon committee is grateful for the many volunteers who aid in the ohaka mairi tradition. This year we engaged the Religious Committee to assume some duties such as the purchasing and plating of all the refreshments for the three Sunday services. The chochin assembly and installation were capably done by a team within their committee.

Our wrap up meeting brought forth some suggestions for next year and we will address those next spring.

Our sincere gratitude to the TBC membership for their unwavering support and guidance at this time of reverence and respect.

Obon Committee