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Obon Cemetery Visitation Committee 2018 wishes to thank the hundreds of volunteers who have aided in the wonderful Obon cemetery visitation tradition of our temple over the last many years. Whether they were choshos, assistants, flower stem participants, refreshment providers or chochin assemblers, they were all working for our temple to ensure that the respect was properly shown to our departed loved ones.

Words cannot express the gratitude our committee feels for the ongoing sense of Sangha, the harmony felt and the joy of working together in the name of oneness in the Onembutsu.
Our sincere thanks to the Senseis that we have worked with over the many years. We have relied on their guidance as we tried to bring respect to this very important day in our Buddhist calendar. Domo arigatou gozaimasu, Senseis.

Now we have arrived at the time to step away and make way for the new committee members.. We believe that all volunteers will provide this new group with their genuine support because of our shared love of the Buddha Dharma. We wish this new committee much continued success.
We leave with a sense of satisfaction for the work we have done and happy to retire with a smile on our faces, knowing our group maintains a wonderful friendship nurtured through our years serving together.

In gassho,
Obon Cemetery Visitation Committee