Obon Odori 2016

Posted on: September 03, 2016

Saturday, July 9, 2016…it was a warm, sunny morning. At 5pm it was pouring rain but then the skies cleared and thanks to the staff at the JCCC, the parking lot was soon cleared of puddles. At 6:30 the decision was made that the Obon Odori would be held outside, to the relief of many. It turned out to be a beautiful evening, perfect for odori; the dancers in their colourful yukatas and happi coats circling the taiko drummers. A new audience participation dance, Home Run Ondo, was quite a hit, pun intended. After a night of dancing, the popsicles are always a much-anticipated treat.

Thank you to the organizers at the TBC and JCCC, the MCs, Kunio Suyama and Akiko Nishimura, the drum- mers from the TBC Minyo Taiko and Isshin Daiko, and of course, all of the dancers who participated from Ayame-kai, Sakura-kai, Hamilton Suzuran kai, Momiji Odori no kai, Urara Minbu-kai, Himawari-kai and TBC Bukkyo-kai.

bon odori 2016

bon odori 2016 3

bon odori 2016 2