Ontario Volunteer Service Awards

Posted on: November 18, 2018

Ontario Volunteer Service Awards

Congratulations and Thank you!

On Sunday, October 21, we celebrated and thanked our 2018 Ontario Volunteer Service Award recipients.

This year’s honorees are: Susan Ebisuzaki (5 years), Dianne Ishida (10 years). Cary Kataoka (5 years), Toivo Knude (5 years), Fred Kotani (5 years).

Following the morning service, a light luncheon was prepared and served by CCOV Team 4, Special Projects, as well as past and present OVSA recipients.

Thank you to all involved!

We are looking for 2019 OVSA nominations. The deadline is November 30, 2018. Please submit your nominations to the OVSA Committee c/o Kay Uchida or Dawn Anzai.

Thank you.
OVSA Committee