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Sangha Day 2018

For 68 years, the TBC Sangha has had the privilege of providing volunteer support and hosting events at our Temple. Each year we host events such as Sangha Day, Hanamatsuri Family Banquet, Pancake Lunch and Mochi Tsuki. Our aim is to host events which honour the history of our Temple, allow families to spend time together and make it attractive for families to attend our Temple. If you have attended and enjoyed any of our events in the past, please consider volunteering so that we may continue to host these and other events in the future.

Once a year, we take time to welcome new Sangha members and to recognize the following Sangha members who have achieved 65 years of age and are granted lifetime membership. This year we recognize the following lifetime Sangha members:

Gord Yoshida
Bob Tanaka

I am also happy to welcome new Sangha member Glenn Nishimura.

Many thanks to the volunteers who helped to prepare and serve a delicious complimentary teriyaki chicken or vegetarian lunch in celebration of Sangha Day and Nirvana Day to all those who attended our Temple on February 18th.

In Gassho,
Cary Kataoka, President
TBC Sangha