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TBC Annual Picnic

Camp Green Acres, Sunday June 12, 2016

Mother Nature was kinder to us this year and even though part of the day was breezy and cool, there was no rain in the forecast and the sun made its appearance.

Camp Green Acres have numerous amenities available to us and throughout the day you could see people taking advantage of some of them from visiting with the farm animals; playing on the outdoor equipment; going for a walk around the property; tossing the football in one of the many fields and using the heated pool.

Along with the traditional activities such as the outdoor service, free hot dogs, bingo, Fukubiki draw, races for the children and adults we were treated to a yoga class organized by Denise Crofton. Many thanks to the Youth volunteers for organizing the races and even Rev. Yoshi joined in.

For a second year, we held a ‘Share the Wealth’ draw which helps to subsidize the costs associated with the picnic. Congratulations to our winners: 1st prize of $150.00 to Pamela Yoshida; 2nd prize of $100.00 to Jane Koyata and 3rd prize of $70.00 to David Saxby.

For bingo the Mother’s Day winner was Sean Izukawa; the Father’s Day winner(s) were Jordan Freedman; Joaquim Kataoka and Justin Allen. Our $100.00 jackpot winner was Tosh Yasui.

Once again, thank you to all our donors and volunteers and congratulations to all our winners.


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