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TBC Coordinating Committee of Volunteer’s Event

Volunteer Meeting scheduled for Sunday May 15, 2016 after service in the social Hall.

What is CCOV? A newly formed intergenerational group of volunteers to help service the needs of temple events throughout the year.


There have been many meetings to organize and develop this new system for the volunteers. We now have in place 5 teams of volunteers led by a pair of able co-captains for every team. Each team originally had 12 members but our numbers have grown now to 25 or more per team.

Through trial and error, we have begun to implement CCOV this year on a few occasions and have had a chance to experience very favorable results. Each activity or temple event is different and requires various degrees of skills and abilities to carry out the tasks. So we are learning along the way.

We realize that many members may have been approached to consider joining CCOV and some may not have heard much about it. We want all of our readers to consider being a part of a team. Others may have questions about getting involved, or don’t know who to contact. We have scheduled a volunteer meeting for everyone to attend on Sunday, May 15, 2016 after service in the social hall. Please attend if you have been contacted in the past to join the volunteer committee, if you would like to be part of the CCOV or you are curious what the CCOV is all about. Come and ask questions and hear more information about the new volunteer program. It’s a chance to learn something new and enjoy helping out at the temple. Light refreshments will be served