TBC New Year’s Social

Posted on: March 05, 2018

TBC New Year’s Social

On Sunday January 28th we held our annual pot luck luncheon in the Social Hall following the morning service. The congregants provided us with an array of delicious dishes which everyone enjoyed. Scott Kusano did an amazing job as MC, Bingo and door prize caller for the afternoon’s festivities. We were treated to karaoke and buyo performances and congratulations to all the performers, winners of the bingo games and those fortunate to win a door prize.

Thank you to everyone for your generous donations of food, door prizes, hard work and support. A special thank you goes out to CCOV Team 5 lead by Hamako Yoshida and Kathy Wani, Paul Nakagawa and George Horii for operating the sound system, Dana group for providing the cake and oranges and Sangha for the jackpot bingo prize money.

TBC Special Projects Committee