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It’s time for your 2018 membership

We must now approach you and remind you to renew or apply for your membership for 2018. This past year our membership rose to over 300 and exceeded 2016’s memberships. This is most encouraging and this steady upward trend bodes well for the future of our Temple. But we know there are still some who have not applied for membership or have forgotten to submit the membership application with your membership fee.

Needless to say the future of the Temple depends on our members so we need you to take the time or remember to submit your application and fee.

We continue trying to improve the benefits of being a member of the Temple, here are a few reasons why a membership is valuable:

1. Most importantly, as a member you will have the right to vote on all important matters affecting the Temple, such as the election of the President and the Directors, the approval of budgets and all significant matters affecting the future of the Temple.
2. As a member you are subscribing to the Jodo Shinshu values of the Temple.
3. As a member you are entitled to free notarial services offered by one of our Temple members.
4. As a member you are entitled to a discount on premium-level CAA memberships.
5. As a member you will be entitled to attend special Temple activities free of charge or at rates not available to non-members.

Regular memberships are valid from January 1 to December 31 each year, so we ask that those wishing to be recognized as a Temple member complete the application form as early as possible at the start of each year. Once you’ve signed and submitted your application and membership fee of $130.00 per year or your promise to pay the total fee by May 31 have been received, your membership card will be sent to you.

Honorary Membership Cards will be issued to all members 77 years of age and over who sign up for the year 2018, or if already an Honorary Member, he or she confirms in each year his or her wish to continue Honorary Membership. Honorary Members do not need to pay any annual membership fees, although all donations are welcome. Membership card will be issued once