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Welcome Back Rev. Ouchi!

We are pleased to welcome Reverend Yoshimichi Ouchi back to the Naijin after a very long year. Welcome back Rev. Ouchi!

We want to thank everyone for their patience and understanding as we postponed and rescheduled family memorial services.  We know it was not easy.  We do ask for just a little more patience as we start to schedule services that were postponed over the past year. 

We would also like to extend a huge thank-you to Bishop Aoki, Reverend Grant Ikuta, Rev. James Martin and their respective temples for their patience and support as well as for providing memorial, funeral and special services to the Toronto congregation throughout the year; both in person and virtual.  

Thank you as well to our Ministerial Assistants, Jeff Wilson Sensei, Joanne Yuasa Sensei and Dennis Madokoro for their flexibility and dedication in providing services during Rev. Ouchi’s absence and during COVID–19.