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Workshop in Ottawa

For some time now our ministers have been visiting Ottawa and conducting services at the Japanese Cultural Centre 3 times a year. These services are well attended, but because of the minister’s schedule (we usually have to drive to Montreal for service after Ottawa) there has been little time to engage in discussion with the people in Ottawa.

On September 19th we were finally able to organize a workshop in Ottawa! Diane Mark and I drove there and spent the afternoon. There were about 17 people in attendance and they had many great and interesting questions to ask. People seemed to really enjoy the day and it was fun to spend more time with everyone. Everyone was so happy with the result that we are already in the process of planning our next workshop!

The Living Dharma Centre was kind enough to sponsor the event by supplying delicious food and paying for the gas to drive to Ottawa. Everyone was very appreciative.

Special thanks to Diane Mark who helped organize the drinks and snacks, kept me company on the drive, and for making sure I didn’t fall asleep at the wheel! Special thanks also to Richard Takahara for helping organize the event and for once again providing us with a place to share in the Dharma together!

Namo Amida Butsu

Rev. Christina Yanko