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  • Obon – Cemetery Visitation Schedule

    SATURDAY, JULY 9TH, CEMETERY VISITATION SCHEDULE With just a month and a half away until Obon weekend, the Obon committee has submitted the cemetery visitation schedule. This year, our guest speaker will be a familiar face and welcomed visitor. Rev. Grant Ikuta will join us for this important weekend. Please bring your memorial lanterns which […]

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  • Prof. Keiko Toro – June 4th & 5th

    Write Your Own Eulogy. Come and reflect on your own life and those around you by writing your own eulogy. Prof. Toro will share with us her memories of encounters with devout Nembutsu practitioners which taught her about Jodo Shinshu in everyday life, and speak about the awareness and appreciation of encountering the Dharma. People […]

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  • TBC Coordinating Committee of Volunteer’s Event

    Volunteer Meeting scheduled for Sunday May 15, 2016 after service in the social Hall. What is CCOV? A newly formed intergenerational group of volunteers to help service the needs of temple events throughout the year. UPDATE: There have been many meetings to organize and develop this new system for the volunteers. We now have in […]

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  • Kids Sangha Bake Sale for charity

    On Sunday May 1st Kids Sangha baked cookies and squares to raise money to help children in developing countries.  It was a great success!  We were asked to post the recipes on the website so we included them below. This was our second fund raising event of the year.  The children enjoyed baking together along […]

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