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  • Obon 2017

    SATURDAY JULY 8TH & SUNDAY JULY 9TH 2017 The Obon Committee and the Religious Committee have worked together to prepare the 2017 Obon programme, this year being held on the 8th and 9th of July. We try hard to bring a large measure of respect to this very important date in the Buddhist calendar. Let […]

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  • JSBTC Annual General Meeting 2017

    This year, Toronto Buddhist Church was the host to all Women’s Federation and Temple Delegates from across the country, all of our Ministers, the Bishop, the National Board and special guests President Ken Tanimoto from the Buddhist Churches of America and his wife Alice. Some of the highlights from the business of the JSBTC AGM: […]

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  • Infant Presentation – May 21st 2017

    We were pleased to welcome to our temple sangha community five infants and toddlers on Sunday May 21st, 2017 during the Gotanye and Infant Presentation service. Gotanye is the service where we celebrate the birth of Shinran Shonin, the founder of our sect of Buddhism. Shinran was born on May 21st, 1173. It is only […]

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  • The Living Dharma Centre Virtual Book Club

    Our current selection is “Man’s Search for Meaning” by Viktor Frankl. This little book which was published in 1959 has been wonderful to read….and re-read. It clearly shows truly how having “bad things happen is inevitable, but suffering is optional”. Although one could think that reading about Dr. Frankl having been a successful psychiatrist with […]

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