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    NOTICE OF ANNUAL GENERAL MEETING OF THE MEMBERS OF TORONTO BUDDHIST CHURCH Date: Sunday, January 21, 2018 Time: 1:00 pm following the morning service and a light lunch Place: Temple Social Hall The Board of Directors of Toronto Buddhist Church wishes to notify all members of the Annual General Meeting of Members which will be […]

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  • Farewell to Rev. Christina Yanko, Dave Ringle and Son Atticus

    Four and a half months pass so quickly. In mid August, Rev. Christina reluctantly advised the Bishop and TBC that her husband was unexpectedly recalled to active duty with the United States Coast Guard and that he had to report in short order to a base in the USA. Dave Ringle, as an American, had […]

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  • Mochi Tsuki

    Thank you Mochi Tsuki Test Pilots! …and Please Join Us on December 29th for Mochi Tsuki! Test pilots are a breed apart – they fear nothing and perform extraordinary tasks in challenging environments. We are grateful for the dedication and sacrifice of twenty brave volunteers who helped process 100 pounds of mochi gome into delicious […]

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