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Minister’s Dharma Talks

  • Dharma Talk – May 2021

    Shorihouju & Gimyoshicho The notes of C&D and a Two-headed bird清風宝樹をふくときは “Pure winds blow in the jewel trees, いつつの音声いだしつつProducing the five tones for the scales.宮商和して自然なりAs those sounds are harmonious and spontaneous, 清浄勲を礼すべし Pay homage to Amida, the one imbued with purity.” Shinran Shonin’s wasan poem This Wasan explains to us the Amida Buddha’s Pure Land. […]

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  • Dharma Talk – April 2021

    Control our stress through breathing 本願力にあいぬれば (Hongwanriki ni Ainureba) むなしすぐるひとぞなき (Munashikusuguru Hitozonaki) 功徳の宝海みちみちて (Kudoku no Hokai michimichite) 煩悩の濁水へだてなし (Bonno no Jokusui Hedatenashi) Of those who encounter the power of the Primal Vow,  Not one passes by in vain,They are filled with the treasure ocean of virtues;The defiled waters of their blind passions not separated from […]

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  • Dharma Talk – March 2021

    Width and Depth of Our Life Those who truly attain Shinjin.  As they utter Amida’s Name, Being mindful of the Buddha always, Wish to respond to the great benevolence. by Shoshin Nenbutsuge Wasan. This Wasan tells us that when we say Nembutsu, we truly attain Amida Buddha’s great compassion. The Buddha always is with us. […]

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  • Dharma Talk – February 2021

    OFFERINGS When I visit a temple member’s house, sometimes I see an Obutsudan, which is a small Buddhist altar. The members usually maintain it, and they offer beautiful flowers, candlelight and incense to the Buddha when they place their hands together in their house. When I see it, I’m certain that the family takes good […]

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  • Dharma Talk – January 2021

    Amida Buddha is Our Parent HAPPY NEW YEAR!! We had very difficult and tough challenges in 2020 due to COVID-19. We still have to take care to keep social distancing and wear a facemask when we meet someone. However, I wish to meet you without a facemask and talk at the temple’s social hall again […]

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