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  • Hanamatsuri Family Banquet

    Join us on Saturday April 15, 2017 at 5:00 pm for our Annual Hanamatsuri Family Banquet! Program Details: Full Course Meal: Appetizers Choice of Roast Beef / Salmon / Vegan Entré Fruit Salad Cake Juice / Water / Green Tea / Coffee Entertainment & Bingo Adults – $12 Youth – $6 (17 and Under) TBC Kids […]

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  • Quebec City Moment of Silence and Reflection

    (Editor’s Note: The following is the text of our brief moment of silence and reflection as observed at our temple Shotsuki Monthly Memorial Service of Febuary 5, 2017) Sadly, one week ago, we started to hear word of a shooting in Quebec City. The result so far: 6 dead and many more injured, some critically. […]

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  • Hoonko & New Year’s Social

    Hoonko In honour of Shinran Shonin’s life and teachings Hoonko is a week long commemoration and one of the most important in the Jodo Shinshu calendar. In Toronto Rev. Yanko and Rev. Yoshimichi chose to observe Hoonko with an intimate gatha/wasan service preceded by a vegetarian pot luck dinner and followed by a delicious zenzai […]

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  • TBC Coordinating Committee of Volunteers (CCOV)

    CCOV remember? That’s our newly intergenerational group of volunteers to help service the needs of temple events through the year. We’re off to a fresh start for the New Year as we welcome 2017. We are also very happy to welcome any new volunteers who wish to join us at our temple events and join […]

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  • Buddhism is Everyday Life by Gyomay Kubose

      When Nansen, a teacher, was asked, “What is Buddhism?” he answered, “Everyday life.”  This is one of the many ways to point out the essence of Buddhism.  In Buddhism we talk about the “way” or “path.” In Chinese it is called “Tao,” in Japanese, “Do.”  “Do” is the path or the way we live […]

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  • Join our Virtual Book club!

    The LDC (Living Dharma Centre) is starting a Virtual Book Club this fall. We invite interested people to read a specific book chosen every three months and sign up for email participation and discussion.

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  • Membership Fee Increase for 2017

    wish to inform all of our Regular Members of an increase in the membership fees to be introduced starting January 1, 2017. At that time, the annual fee for Regular Members will increase from $100 to $125. As always, Honorary Members (individuals 77 years and over) will not have to pay any membership fees. Our […]

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  • TBC Bazaar 2016

    After all the preparations and hard work by our many volunteers, we were blessed with a beautiful, sunny fall day with zero precipitation forecasted. As always the feeling of Sangha was rampant throughout the temple. Friends and multi-generations of family members were working towards putting the final touches on everything. It was also nice to […]

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  • Knitting & Crocheting for the Homeless

    The cold weather will soon be here and we are asking the talented ladies (and men) if they would help make items for the Japanese Social Services and the homeless. We have a lot of yarn that can be turned into scarves, mittens or hats to ward off the chill. If you would be willing […]

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  • Thanksgiving Food Drive

    All the food donations were delivered to the Daily Bread Food Bank in Etobicoke on Oct. 24, 2016. THANK YOU to everyone who made generous contributions of food items or monetary donations for the temple Food Drive to help out hungry people. This year we collected 190 pounds of food which is less than our […]

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