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  • Dharma Talk – May 2022

    “Sounds of C and D” For the past two months, I visited Montreal and Winnipeg to hold their Buddhist memorial services. It was a great opportunity for me to do Gassho and recite Nembutsu with them again, because I was not  able to visit there for a long time due to Covid. When I took […]

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    SATURDAY JULY 9, 2022 Toronto Buddhist Church will be holding services at cemeteries again this year. Please check the below schedule for times. CEMETERY CENTRAL SERVICE   LOCATION TIME SERVICE LEADER SALEM U.C. CEMETERY   1:00 PM PAULINE KNUDE PINE RIDGE MEMORIAL       GARDENS   1:30 PM  PAULINE KNUDE     ELGIN MILLS CEMETERY SEC. 2/8 10:30 […]

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  • Dharma Talk – April 2022

    Light of Joy & Ganges River Our temple reopened its doors for Sunday service in March. I knew it was difficult to chant a sutra with a mask, but wearing a mask and keeping social distance was required in the Hondo to protect each other. Even though we held in-person service on Sunday, we continued […]

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  • Workshop: Buddhism And Mental Health with Dr. Jennifer Bright

    04 April AND 02 May, 2022 @8:00PM (EST) TBC is pleased to announce a new online speaker series called “Buddhism and…” These online seminars will be an opportunity to learn about Buddhism and other topics of interest from Canadian life. In 2022, TBC will host two seminars – one in the Spring, and one in […]

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  • Dharma Talk – March 2022

    Light of Wisdom, Mother’s lap 無碍光如来の名号と かの光明智相とは 無明長夜の闇を破し 衆生の志願をみてたまふ The Name of the Tathagata of unhindered light And the light that is the embodiment of wisdom Dispel the darkness of the long night of ignorance And fulfill the aspirations of sentient beings. [Hymns of the Pure Land Masters –Master T’an-luan. CWS page 373] We live our lives […]

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  • TBC Membership

    Have you applied for your 2022 TBC Membership? If you have not applied for a TBC membership and would like more information, please see our February Guiding Light for more details. Also, attached is the link for our membership form which can be filled out and sent to

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  • Keirokai 2022

    It has now been two years since we cancelled our first service which happened to be Ohigan and the Keirokai celebration. Every year we look forward to celebrating and honouring our temple elders and show our gratitude during our Keirokai event. It is hard to believe that once again we will likely be celebrating 2022 […]

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  • Annual General Meeting

    Sunday March 20, 2022 at 2:00 pm. Join us for a virtual meeting. Important information and instructions regarding access to, attendance at, and participation in the virtual meeting are outlined below. The Board of Directors of Toronto Buddhist Church wishes to notify all members of the Annual General Meeting of Members which will be held […]

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  • 2022 Eastern Buddhist League Conference

    Eastern Buddhist League Conference – February 12 – 13th, 2022. Key Note Speaker: Rev. Dr. Takashi Miyaji. Free Conference live on Zoom. For more information follow Eastern Buddhist League on Facebook, or contact Tammy at EVENT SCHEDULE FOR FEB. 12 – 13, 2022 Dharma Friends – Staying Connected (all times shown are Eastern Standard […]

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  • Shin Buddhism Online Course with Dr. Ken. Tanaka

    Starts February 13th, 2022. (Hosted by the Vancouver Buddhist Temple) From the Lecturer: In this once a month ten-part course, I hope to build on the original Ocean book to present a deeper and fuller dimension of this tradition. This course offers a “birds eye view” through the lens of the story of the “Sailor and the […]

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