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  • Dharma Talk – October 2022

    DOKI-DOKI Yui-enbo asked “Although I say the Nembutsu, I rarely experience joyful happiness nor do I have the desire to immediately go to the Pure Land. What should be done about […]

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  • Dharma Talk – September 2022

    Meaning of “Arigato” 3 years ago, I joined a translation project. There were Buddhist ministers from America and Japan who have a Jodo Shinshu liturgy specialist license because we need […]

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  • Dharma Talk – July / August 2022

    We are already halfway through the year 2022. As you all know, it is a wonder how quickly time flies. Time is funny. Its value is fixed, but depending on […]

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  • Dharma Talk – June 2022

    GasshoLast week, I had dinner with my friends. My friend’s son taught me a good word. I would like to talk a little about it at the beginning of this […]

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  • Dharma Talk – May 2022

    “Sounds of C and D” For the past two months, I visited Montreal and Winnipeg to hold their Buddhist memorial services. It was a great opportunity for me to do […]

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    SATURDAY JULY 9, 2022 Toronto Buddhist Church will be holding services at cemeteries again this year. Please check the below schedule for times. CEMETERY CENTRAL SERVICE   LOCATION TIME SERVICE LEADER […]

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  • Dharma Talk – April 2022

    Light of Joy & Ganges River Our temple reopened its doors for Sunday service in March. I knew it was difficult to chant a sutra with a mask, but wearing […]

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  • Workshop: Buddhism And Mental Health with Dr. Jennifer Bright

    04 April AND 02 May, 2022 @8:00PM (EST) TBC is pleased to announce a new online speaker series called “Buddhism and…” These online seminars will be an opportunity to learn […]

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  • Dharma Talk – March 2022

    Light of Wisdom, Mother’s lap 無碍光如来の名号と かの光明智相とは 無明長夜の闇を破し 衆生の志願をみてたまふ The Name of the Tathagata of unhindered light And the light that is the embodiment of wisdom Dispel the darkness of the long […]

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  • TBC Membership

    Have you applied for your 2022 TBC Membership? If you have not applied for a TBC membership and would like more information, please see our February Guiding Light for more […]

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